Master Stand-up Comedy

with Hypnosis and NLP


Now Available

The Master Stand-up Comedy book is now published and available to UK customers directly from this site. Priced at £12.85, it is inclusive of postage + packing to the UK mainland.


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For International customers, it is also available through or at

You can click here to see the contents of the book


Free Master Stand-up comedy hypnosis Sessions

Free Master Stand-up comedy Hypnosis Sessions
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Welcome to the 'Master Stand-Up Comedy with Hypnosis & NLP' website.

The site includes:

Free downloads of Master Stand-Up Comedy hypnosis recordings click here

Information on Stand-Up Comedy with Hypnosis workshops - Click here

Training videos - training material to support the book is currently being developed

Feedback on Master Stand-up Comedy book

I would love to hear what you think about the content of my Master Stand-Up Comedy book.

What state management techniques work most successfully for you?  Do my views on the nature of stand-up comedy resonate with you?  .... or do you love the gladiatorial aspects of stand-up more appealing?

Do you find the hypnosis downloads useful? Do you have any ideas for future trance themes? What training videos would be useful?